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My life started down a new path after I read an article a couple of years ago in the New York Times magazine. I became fixated on learning all I could about our eating habits, the way our food is made, and the effects that the industrial food industry has had on our culture and our lives - physically and mentally.

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

I've Seen the Devil: He Comes in Blue, Yellow or White

I love corn chips, like you wouldn't believe - with salsa, guacamole, hummus, cheese, etc. I used to eat a bag of chips every two days - maybe not that much, but still too much. Even after cutting out 90% of all grains from my eating habits I still can't kick chips out of my life. This is the hardest thing to stop eating/craving, I don't understand why, of all things. Maybe it's because I feel the least guilty about them, as compared to cinnamon rolls (although I'm a softee for a good sweet roll), pancakes, toast, cereal, muffins, pasta, rice, etc. It's that irresistible salty snacky thing that does it like nothing else.

Anyone out there feel the same (about chips or something else)? What is a satisfying substitute? I'm trying to replace chips with roasted cashews or almonds, but so far the taste buds (or is it a chemical reaction in the brain?) can't be persuaded. How do you wean off something so addictive anyway?

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  1. If we're talkin' nuts, get some unsalted ones (mixed, or plain peanuts are cool), throw them into a frying pan & squeeze some lime juice on them - all over medium-low heat.

    Add some chili powder (paprika works just fine) as you're stirring with a spoon or whatever.
    It's a damn tasty snack!