I've started this blog to record my thoughts and research about food and health: how we grow our food, what we eat, the nutrition debate, food distribution, food sovereignty and environmental impact.

My life started down a new path after I read an article a couple of years ago in the New York Times magazine. I became fixated on learning all I could about our eating habits, the way our food is made, and the effects that the industrial food industry has had on our culture and our lives - physically and mentally.

This blog joins an ongoing discussion and is a place to voice interest, intrigue, and discovery. This is not a podium for lecturing, so please extend grace to each other if anything is found to be erroneous. Counter-arguments are encouraged with respect, empathy and compassion for other perspectives.

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Turning of the Tide

A brief statement today: As with any paradigm shift, a new idea needs to gather the friction before it can start a fire.  Paul John Scott (I looked him up, he appears to be a writer of integrity) makes razor sharp observations, but two points really produced some sparks.  One is when he stated that science has been retreading the same message about obesity for forty-some years, and it is obviously not working.  The second is a logical next step, calling these messages what they are: outdated.

Read this article from the Minneapolis St. Paul Star Tribune, which ends with a fantastic call to action. Everyone start crowing!

Then find some more articles yourself and share them with everyone you can.

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